If you’re thinking of expanding your lawn, blazing new walking, ATV or horse trails through woodlands or need to maintain overgrown pastures or just have a plot of land that needs to be cleared. Libbee’s Brush-Hog and Fecon Forestry Machines are designed to clear the toughest, thickest brush, weeds and saplings from your property. Libbee’s specializes in environmentally friendly land clearing using state of the art Forestry Equipment. We are dedicated to land clearing without soil disturbance, stacking, burying or burning methods that can be harmful to our delicate ecosystem.

Our environmentally friendly forestry machines are designed to cut through the toughest, thickest brush, weeds, saplings and trees up to 3” thick. Our machines grind/mulch of all types of vegetation regardless of density. When appropriate the wood chips are mulched and left on site to accelerate the natural decomposition process helping to reduce soil erosion and increase soil moisture which ultimately preserves and improves the health of the remaining trees and habitat.

Walking Trails
Lawn Expansion
Hunting Access Lanes
Utility Line Clearing
ATV Trails
Home Site Clearing
Pasture Mowing
Elimination of Invasive Plant Species
Hill Side/ Steep Slope Clearing
Horse Trails
Right of Way Clearing
River Bank Reclamation